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Dear Family, 

I am writing this letter to request your financial help.  I am going back to Ghana, West Africa on May 22, 2019 to June 2, 2019 to assess the work we established in October of 2000.

This year marks the 400th year since the first slaves [indentured servants] were brought to this country at Jamestown, Virginia.  It is the understanding of these events that has fueled my desire to connect people across the continental divide, to bridge the gap created by greed and pride.

What began as a dream, turned into a reality as 58 eager men and women set out to establish a connection with the small, peaceful nation of Ghana in West Africa. Short-term missionaries from various backgrounds and races came together to touch the lives of our brothers and sisters in West Africa. Our goal [in particular] was to build a bridge between Africa and the United States, providing humanitarian support and giving opportunities for African-Americans to connect with The Motherland.

A powerful truth unfolded to me as I realized that in light of the atrocities brought on by slavery, African-Americans are the only group of people who don’t not lay claim to a homeland.  For instance, Mexicans who come to this country know that they are from Mexico and have family ties to the nation of Mexico.  Japanese who come to America know that they are from Japan and have family ties to the nation of Japan; I think you get my point.  Every group is strengthened by the fact that they have a point of origin they can look to for support and confidence.

It is my desire to continue to build bridges of support and provide confidence for the next generation of African-Americans to feel a sense of pride and self-assurance as to who they are and where they come from.

I am asking for your financial support to assist me in returning to Ghana to continue our projects.  For almost 20 years we have worked on a variety of projects, here are just a few:

  • We established a primary school in the village of Anyase, and helped build a new classroom at the primary school in Gykiti Village.
  • We have help to feed families in the villages and remote areas of the Upper Volta Region.
  • Our team also helped to provide money and resources to build a hotel in the capital city of Accra
  • We helped to build a computer learning center for the people to be educated so they can acquire valuable skills that allow them to be employed
  • We have helped to train pastors that will establish churches throughout the Continent of Africa.
  • Currently we are working on a Bore-Hole project to bring clean water directly to the village

Our next venture is to connect African-Americans to Ghana in a way that allows us to travel freely from both countries through an effort made possible by the Government of Ghana.  The Government is providing the opportunity for dual citizenship, which would allow African-Americans the privilege of having a homeland to identify with and a place to belong.

Your monetary gift is tax deductible through my 501C(3) non-profit corporation.  Any contribution is appreciated and all proceeds will go through the Holistic Development Corporation.

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