Bishop Philip Powell

Bishop Philip Powell is actively involved in a variety of ministries and spiritual endeavors; He is the founder and CEO of The Centre Holistic Development Incorporated, a non-profit corporation developed to address the needs of the whole person. In this capacity he minster’s to and mentors several pastors in local churches and seven pastors in Africa. The guiding principal of ministry for Bishop Powell has always been to do ministry over and above the idea of having church as usual. As a result any ministry endeavor undertaken by The Centre  must pass a test for true ministry;

“ Does what we do in our church have any impact on the community we serve outside the four walls”

Currently Bishop Powell is working with regional partners to address the joblessness and increase in violent crimes that exist in our community. Partners Like COPE, Youth Action Partnership, Young visionaries, IECAAC, and Time For Change, and the development of Behavioral Health, are just a few of the many agencies that are available to our ministry as a result of Bishop Powell’s leadership.
Bishop Powell also has a heart for international ministry; over the years he has made six trips to Africa to spread the Gospel, help build schools, provide water wells, deliver resources and encourage the people. In his role as Bishop/ Pastor of the Centre of Highland, his congregation has also committed to financially aiding and developing resources, assisting local missions efforts and foreign missions.

Community Involvement/ Educational Emphasis

Bishop Powell has been actively involved with IECAAC (Inland Empire Concerned African American Churches) for numerous years and recently relinquished the role of President after serving two terms. During his leadership many bridges were created between civic and clergy organizations and the churches voice was heard louder and clearer than it has been in our region.
Through the IEACAAC he met with the city of San Bernardino officials to focus on and address the disparities in the high school dropout rates of African American students, males in particular, and seek a possible solution to this problem. He has also worked with the City of San Bernardino to rehab city homes for resale to low income residents, a project that saw several families experience homeownership for the first time.
As a community leader he has been active participant in “ Pastors on the Premises” in which he monitored the campus of San Bernardino High School during lunchtime. He got to know the students, talked with them about their problems/concerns and encouraged them to get on task and excel academically. He talked to them about practical ways to avoid trouble, and how to approach and communicate with teachers, counselors and their peers. He also tried to boost their self-esteem by finding and voicing positive traits about themselves.
As Bishop of the Centre at Highland his congregation does an annual “ Church in the Park” in downtown San Bernardino. The service is held at Secombe Lake Park and is free to everyone. During this time many disadvantaged and homeless people are given the practical Word of God, may are led to Salvation, there is a foot washing ceremony in which their feet are washed, a meal is provided and everyone is given a new pair of shoes. He minsters to the area called “ Little Africa” through his Community Connections Ministry. This has involved evangelism and a yearly toy give away in which members of his congregation provide new toys to needy children. This same ministry also provides thanksgiving Baskets (turkey and all the trimmings) to needy families.
He was the first School Board president of the Excel Prep Charter School, which eventually merged with the New Vision Middle School to become REAL journey Academies. The school began with a student population of approximately 100 students and now serves over 1200 students and employs 150 full and part time administrators, teachers, and staff. Bishop Powell continues to work closely with REAL Journey Academies overseeing the Student Intervention Services Department.
Bishop Powell received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and his Master of Divinity degree from Azusa Pacific University; He also received an Honorary Doctor of Theology Degree from Next Dimension Bible College. He received the Queen Mother Humanitarian Award at the Women’s Resurrections Breakfast. Bishop Powell was consecrated Bishop For Mount Calvary Holy Churches of America, Inc. by Bishop(s) Alfred A Owens and Bishop Cynthia James.